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Liam's Day of Service

Last week, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker with our Urban Water team at Ford Community Challenge.  It was such an honor to explain to other change agents our design and how we used our $50,000 grant from the Ford Motor Fund.

While there, I learned how other groups used their Ford grants, from designing puriflumes to creating to clean water solutions for their community.

The project that opened my mind, stole my heart and still provokes me every day when my goals and dreams of “changing the world” feel impossible, was started by Liam Rattray.  Liam was a Georgia Tech student who started Arkfab in Atlanta.  Arkfab uses aquaponics with biotechnology in create innovation in urban agriculture.


Liam's Day of Service

Liam’s Day of Service

What is so exceptional about Liam is that he stood for his dreams of feeding Atlanta organically until the day he died.  Liam was killed by a drunk driver before he saw his project being fulfilled.  Thanks to Georgia Tech and great friends like Justin Chaddick, the project was completed and is expanding to other areas of Atlanta.  As you can see in the video:  Arkfab Video

I never met Liam, we weren’t friends on social media, but I can say based on conversations with his friends that he stood for his cause until the day he died.  There are so many of us, who have passions that fade with time. How many people can say that they stood for what makes a difference when only their spirit remains?

Thanks Liam for inspiring me to remain focused on my heart and inspiring me every day.

Until next time…in California that is!!

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