My Favorite Movies on Sustainability…

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As explained in my last post, sustainability involves community, environment, ethics, etc.  In true Jess fashion, so does my movie selection.  I am a true documentary snob (I watch at least one a day) but I have chosen my top 6 movies that I have learned the most from or that I suggest to others who are dipping a toe into the sustainability pool.

6.The Lorax:Not a documentary but such a great movie for adults and children alike.  Who is not a fan of Dr. Seuss?  I am not sure if I the loraxgot the plot of corporate greed as a child but the movie was probably the foundation for my love of the environment and the beautiful trees (thanks mom)!

5. Vegucated.  I had to insert a vegan vegucatedmovie.  This is my favorite one.  It is not in your face but talks about the importance of eating responsibly and knowing where your food comes from.

4. Switch Energy Project Documentary: I will admit I was a little skeptical on this one at first before I went a screening of this film.  A movie sponsored by the oil and gas industry that includes fracking can’t be great, but it was.  Professor Tinker explores the world researching all energy sources from biomass to hydroelectric and shows how much energy can be produced from each resource.  It was very eye opening to my personal energy consumption.

3. Food Inc. The one that started it all for me.  food incThis documentary focuses on corporate and sustainable farming and shows the importance of treating both employees and animals correctly.  I love this documentary because it is very educational.  To be very candid, I didn’t realize how blind I was to the food industry and what was in my food.  After this movie, I researched everything I could on sustainable farming and purchasing.  Five years later…here I am!

2.Dhamma Brothers.  This documentary is focused on a meditation program being used in a sdhamma brothersmall town in Alabama.  I love this film because of the out of box thinking that is shown.  Through meditation, positive communities were built in a long-term prison system.

And Lastly…

1.No Impact Man: Can a person in American realistically make no impact? Well…this man tries for one year.  Through this documentary, you see his struggles, his family struggles, and some easy changes that you can makeno impact man in your life.  For example, I am trying to totally cut all waste out of my life only relying on vermi-composting and recycling ( I will write more on this later this week!)

That’s all for today…more tomorrow!



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