About Me…

Posted on: January 26th, 2013 by

When you’re doing the work that you were meant to do, it feels right & everyday is a bonus regardless of what you’re getting paid. -Oprah

Let’s see. In a way, I have always been fascinated with the “green life”.  I remember growing up in Atlanta and spending summers at my aunt’s house in South Carolina and loving her garden and compost and how it was really the true circle of life.  As I got older I saw the importance of being efficient by studying supply chain at Penn State and how to use those skills in the corporate world.  After spending time in Haiti building sustainable farming sites and talking to the locals about the green life I found my passion.  Explaining that being green doesn’t have to mean totally changing your life in one fell swoop but it can be over time….in quick token size bites.  I have lived in Chicago, New York, and now Indiana and know it is really easy to be green anywhere (even in the tiniest of places). IMG_20120919_174228 Currently, I am a vegan(so all my recipes will be vegan, sorry!) learning Sustainability trends at Purdue and loving life!

For more information about my sustainable journey send me a message: jess@theurbantoken.com